Virtual Reality

See the world in your hands

Virtual Reality will change how we interact

Virtual Reality (VR) is for real now, the revenues worldwide are expected to touch $14 billion in 2017 and grow multifold by 2020. Microsoft, Facebook and many other large technology companies are aggressively investing in VR product research. In last 10 years, Web and Mobile technologies have completely changed how business operations are run and how customers have adopted to use digital technologies in their day-to-day life. Next decade is going to be all about Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, and its impact on how we live.

One of the key areas to be impacted with VR is how companies provide customer service remotely. Even with the advent of chat or video communications, troubleshooting an issue is very cumbersome, sometimes takes hours to resolve a minor issue, not only causes frustration for both sides but costs for service are also significant. Imagine a technical support person, instead of asking repeated questions of an issue with a system or a device could see what the customer sees and provide a solution, VR will address this.

There are countless examples of remote support that will significantly cut down the costs for the businesses while enhancing customer experience. A customer doesn’t need to go to a bank to review their documents or don’t need a plumber visit to provide an estimate to fix a minor plumbing problem.

We are investing in training and building the technical expertise to help our customers get ahead of their peers in rethinking their strategies around VR and its utilization with providing service to their customers.

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