Agile Methodologies

Agility is the differentiator between success and failure

Iterative implementation will help you fail quick and recover

Agile, is about following processes that bring agility to the implementation of your projects. It is a continuous improvement process, applying lessons learned from prior cycles of implementation to cut down bureaucracy while increasing the effectiveness of teams. Challenging the status-quo while learning from past experiences, Agile helps in bringing the features and products to the customer soon.

Sometimes, it is over-hyped when people follow an agile process and don’t improvise it to their needs. Every organization is different, people and their skills, team structure and processes, they all are the factors that could make or break a team from going agile. SCRUM or KANBAN don’t make the teams agile, it is all about the mindset of the team members and their organization emphasis on delivery, learning and implementing the necessary changes based on the past experiences.

It worked in 90’s and early part of the last decade, with the advent of web and mobile, and with the expectations of customers to see new products or enhancements every couple of months, the old process doesn’t work anymore. High performing companies adapted iterative development, and focus on time to market the product/ features.

Current and Future Trends = Project management is going through a massive make over from a delivery and implementation perspective. With the changing expectations of customers to see enhancements in days rather than months and years, companies are looking for ways to be agile.

The concepts of PMBOK are somewhat useful but companies are looking for people with real life experiences and how they customized processes to expedite delivery, not the theory taught in PMP certification. Pure agile as some people call it SCRUM or KANBAN have given mixed results, it is challenging to train and enforce the entire process across all teams in the organizations, so the need to take concepts that work and customize as needed for the organization.

As the new concept of Entrepreneurial Project Managers evolve, we are seeing project management is not rigid anymore, these project managers are thinking on their feet and making necessary changes to the process to make it effective, that works for the team, addresses the risks, expedites delivery, use new communication tools to ensure that information is being shared real time with everyone involved.

These managers are not worried about producing tons of reports and presenting the status health to the sponsor but are focused on the end result, they are using a mix of iterative and waterfall tools to do the right thing and get things done. Their emotional intelligence (EQ) is much higher than other individual contributors, they form relationships, their communication is effective when working with executives, business unit or IT team members.

Current day businesses need to move fast, focus on delivering products and services to their customers with quality. Project managers play a key role in taking the vision of the business leaders to fruition by being effective in cost, time and risk management, and making their dreams come true.

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