Artificial Intelligence

Machine does the thinking

Artificial Intelligence - machines will interact

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept that existed for decades but its introduction into human life and operations of an organization got into a high gear in this decade. Today for businesses to survive. It is essential they start looking at investing in AI technology. We all have started in some way or shape interacting with AI powered machines, conversing with Alexa, Google Now, chat bots on the web and Waze are some of the few examples of AI powered technology in our lives.

This is a much more natural, intuitive way to relate to technology. In fact, we’re starting to treat technology like we treat each other. So instead of accessing a website to find information or a mobile app to complete tasks, we’re talking to the AI, making decisions with it, and getting what we need and want through it.

There are some who think AI could cause a big disruption and could endanger human life while others believe with proper controls AI could significantly improve human efficiency. But, all accept that AI is here to stay and change our lives significantly within next 10 years. Financial companies are heavily investing to understand customer behavior and in order for them to invest in products and services that bring value for them. They are investing in managing fraud by studying the behaviors of the hackers. For the end customer AI could help manage the financials by suggesting minor changes to their spending habits. It will become common for humans to start interacting with robots. In Japan, robots are already replacing their banks tellers, manufacturing and healthcare are already using Robots to an extent of even performing surgeries.

At Vaayu, we started to invest in people and train them on AI technologies across various business sectors. Honestly, we are a new entrant but we strongly believe that this is an area where the demand for AI will skyrocket, we want to be prepared and we want you to invest to get ahead of your peers.

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