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Technology is changing faster than ever, innovation is happening quicker than companies can adapt, it is a challenge for many to keep up with the pace of change and the demands of the customers. We are seeing organizations being challenged to do more with little, while some figured out how to juggle many of their priorities and be successful, many are struggling to put together and execute their strategic technology initiatives plan.

 Successful companies are agile and try to keep it simple. It starts with identifying and rationalizing before embarking on implementation. We have seen companies holding back on initiatives with a strong ROI, either due to lack of planning and prioritization, short term budget constraints or resource challenges.

At Vaayu, we bring decades of experience in working with business and IT leadership to put together a strategic roadmap for successful execution of initiatives. Every organization is different but many are facing similar challenges, we believe in investing time upfront, to first understand your current processes, challenges and your future vision, collaboratively we work with you to put together an actionable implementation plan. We take pride in our work, our clients success is our goal, contact us to discuss our approach in regards to delivering technology solutions.

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Why Choose Us?

Technology Expertise

We bring over 30 years of experience in developing technology solutions, that includes many award winning online and mobile applications, database and BI solutions, and system integration tools.

Commitment to Delivery

We have a strong track record of overcoming many challenges to keep our commitment to deliver projects on time and within budget. We are not about contracts , it is our relationships we value.

Our Team

We spend good amount of time in finding right people and investing in their growth, passion & attitude outweighs experience. We bring the same energy & expertise to you to create win-win situation for all.

Industry Experience

We have a team with decades of hands-on experience in building and implementing solutions for Mortgage, Credit Unions, Entertainment and Healthcare Industries. It is extremely important to understand, and communicate in business terminology to design and develop a good solution.

Approach to Solutions

Our approach is simple, measure twice and cut once, invest time upfront to understand the current process and the pain points, spend right amount of time to analyze and design the right solution in order to build the dream product of our customers.

Customer Centric

Success of our customers is our number one priority, we ensure to keep the benefit of customers in mind with every decision we make. Every process we follow and any solution we build is in the best interest of our customers.

Want to know about our amazing works?

Our Services

Business Process Engineering

All Disruption Starts With Introspection

Change is a must for continuous improvement, to improve we have to accept that there are always better ways to do things. Business Process Reengineering is more of a disruption, finding opportunities to make dramatic changes to current process to improve customer service, cutting down operational costs and risk factors.

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Consulting Services

Innovation is making creativity for real

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Cloud Solutions are just a few of the many technologies that are making our imaginations real. Technology never changed this fast, and people are adapting to the change as quick, companies if not innovative at least need to be fast followers to survive in future. We can help you keep up the pace.

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Data Science

Data beats emotions – Sean Rad

Is there any organization that doesn’t have data issues? probably not, but the ones who are successful have made good investments to ensure the quality of data used in making organizational decisions or operational improvements is managed and governed well. Metadata, Data Management, Data Governance and Business Intelligence go hand-in-hand.

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Technology Trends

We are seeing key trends with many of the successful  corporations investing heavily on machine learning and data security, customers are adapting to new digital technologies faster than ever. Agility in project implementation process is a must to be relevant in any industry.

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